Fiona's stories
Stories from Fiona's past

Fiona's stories

THE CHIEFTAIN'S DAUGHTER (PG-13)  :   A woman from Duncan MacLeod's past asks for his help. Although he initially refuses, he realizes he must help Fiona MacDonald or risk losing her . . . forever.

HEART'S DESIRE (PG-13)  :   Duncan includes Richie in his Christmas plans at Fiona MacDonald's house on Holy Ground, but an Immortal with a grudge is also planning to pay her a visit.

CONFIDENCE (PG-13)  :   Fiona MacDonald comes to visit Richie, but tangles with Amanda who may have the answers about a possible threat.

WOUNDED (PG-13)  :   Dazed and disoriented, Richie arrives at Fiona's house under mysterious circumstances, eventually revealing a threat to Joe Dawson.

PARALLELS (PG-13)  :   Reunited with Fiona by fate, Richie watches similar events unfold with several Immortal visitors.

IDENTITIES (PG-13)  :   Duncan, Fiona, Methos and Amanda must help Richie when a gang of Immortals wants his head.

ABSOLUTION (PG-13)  :   Fiona offers advice and comfort when she finds that Richie is ashamed of something he's done.

IN DENIAL (PG-13)  :  The mortal woman Richie loves may be the most dangerous opponent he's ever met.

LIKELY SUSPECT (PG-13)  :  Convinced that Fiona is dead, Connor MacLeod hunts down the person he believes took her head -- Richie Ryan.

MY HOPE IS CONSTANT IN THEE (PG-13)  :   A celebration of Fiona's birthday takes an unusual turn.

UNFORGIVEN (PG-13)  :  Connor, Duncan and Richie try to protect Fiona from an Immortal stalker.

MOTHER'S DAY (PG-13)  :  When Richie plans a special meal for Duncan and Fiona, Connor sees an opportunity to help the Immortal woman forgive herself.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (PG-13)  :  On his way to join Connor and Duncan at Fiona's for the holidays, Richie finds he must help a woman and her young daughter.

A GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST (PG)  :  Is Richie's dream just a dream or is it a memory from his childhood?

Stories from Fiona's past

PRELUDE (PG-13)  :  When Fiona MacDonald meets her first death, Connor MacLeod must find a way to help her before letting Duncan know his childhood companion is in The Game.

A PLACE NEAR THE FIRE (PG-13)  :  After parting company with Duncan, Connor visits Hamish and Ruth to bring Fiona a special gift.

BREAD AND ALE (PG-13) : Connor MacLeod finds Fiona hiding in a cemetary after her sword is broken in a battle against another Immortal.  While gradually gaining her trust, he rebuilds her faith in herself.

WANTED (PG-13)  :  On her way to being reunited with the MacLeods in London, Fiona is abducted by an Immortal intent on making her his own.

CRESCENDO (PG-13)  :  Reunited with Fiona at a party, Connor invites her to run his household.  What happens as a result is more than he ever expected.

FAMILY TIES (PG-13)  :  When the man who fathered Russell Nash comes to an antiques store in New York looking for his son, he creates a dilemma for Connor MacLeod.

YET TO COME (PG)  :  Connor MacLeod brings a merry Christmas to a young boy.

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